Summer Care

Fountains are susceptible to the formation of bio-films and algae we suggest a product by Hydra international, Hydra fountain clear.

Winter Care

Please be aware that water features should be drained down in freezing or extreme conditions. Simple precautions should be taken to avoid frost damage to fountains. Water should be drained off before winter every year and not replaced until spring when any risk of hard frost has passed.

Water Treatment Products

Fountains are extremely susceptible to the formation of bio-films, giving rise to visual alterations,. In ornamental fountains, the micro-organisms present in water can contribute to this process. However there are products that can be used to prevent this build up. One in particular that Mike has seen used personally to great effect is “Hydra Fountain Clear” available from Hydra International Ltd (01908 265889). But if you intend to keep fish in the pool surround then use “Hydra Quartz” on a monthly basis in a ratio of 1 – 10,000 litres of water, this product dissipates after 48 hours, and will do no harm to fish. Both these products will keep the water and fountain clear.