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Boadicea Wall Plaque

Boadicea Wall Plaque

Boudica led a revolt against the Roman rule of Britain in AD60-61. She was Queen of the Iceni people, a British tribe who lived in what is today Norfolk and parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. Her name means “Victoria” she is often depicted riding a chariot.

Her warriors successfully defeated one Roman army and destroyed the capital of Roman Britain, which was then Colchester. Later her armies went on to detroy London and Verulamium (St Albans). Finally, she was defeated by a Roman army led by Calius suetonius Paulinus.

Colour options:

  • Hand Antiqued Somerset, Bath or Portland stone composition

Product code:

  • MGLBP880

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  • Height: 53cm
  • Width: 95cm
  • Depth: 3cm
  • Weight : 30kgs

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