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Putti Fountain

Putti Fountain

The Putti Fountain
with 2.3m Square pool surround

The liner has been designed in such a way that it becomes an integral part of the pool surround & the rocky crag on which the putti stand has a cavity designed to take the pump, once in place it is totally concealed.

As well as the obvious aesthetic charm of this fountain, it has been designed equally for ease of installation and maintenance. The fountain has an integral liner which in effect means that there are no additional installation costs that of assembly. The base of the plinth on which the urn is seated forms a housing for the pump with a removable section to enable access for maintenance.

This fountain can also be enhanced by the addition of LED underwater lighting, for this we recommend three sets of lights 9 lamps) @ £75 per set.

Product codes:

Circular Surrounds Only

  • FWPFC006 – 1.8m Surrounds with pool liner £1,230
  • FWPSC002 – 2.3m surround with full size pool liner
  • FWPSCF23 – 2.3m Circular surround with flowerbed, liner & capping
  • We recommend Gold Label lining solution

Square Surrounds Only

  • FWPSS001 – 1.6m Surrounds with pool liner
  • FWPBS007 – 2.3m surround
  • We recommend Gold Label lining solution

Enquire about this product

  •  Putti Fountain Centrepiece: £1,230
  • Pump & Pipework: £95.00

Circular Surrounds Only

  • 1.8m Surrounds with pool liner: £1,230
  • 2.3m surround with full size pool liner: £1,865
  • 2.3m Circular surround with flowerbed, liner & capping: £1,865

Square Surrounds Only

  • 1.6m Surrounds with pool liner: £1,675
  • 2.3m surround: £2,725

For further technical information please contact us to discuss your requirements:

Telephone: 07595 760351

  • Parex pointing solution £50 per bag (1 required)
  • Standard Natural(Portland)
  • Standard Sandstone (Bath)
  • Parex Gun £60
  • Gold Label Lining solution £50 Lt (1 required)
  • LED Lights 3 sets (9 lamps) @ £75 per set
  • White Spar / Cotswold gravel to dress the bottom of the pond