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Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla

A life size silverback gorilla in all it’s glory standing upon a rocky peninsula.

The silverback gorillas are ground-dwelling, predominantly herbivorous apes that inhabit the forest of central Africa. An adult male gorilla is called a silverback because of the distinctive silvery fur growing on their back and hips.

Each gorilla family has a silverback as leader who scares away other animals by standing on their back legs and beating their chest.

Product codes:

  • ANGOR707 Silverback Gorilla
  • ANGRC705 Rocky peninsula

Black Silverback Gorilla

Our Managing Director, Mike Corbett created a special colour for the Silverback Gorilla. The colour has been entitled Nearly Black. When wet the gorilla becomes jet black, and a dark grey when dry again. This colour suits the subject very well and makes the gorilla extremely daunting.

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Additional information

Weight 1500 kg
Dimensions 244 × 152 × 71 cm

Silverback Gorilla: £6,825
Rocky Peninsula: £2,095

Silverback Gorilla

  • Height: 135cm
  • Width: 122cm
  • Depth: 183cm
  • Weight: 900kgs

Rocky Peninsula

  • Height 71cm
  • Width 152cm
  • Depth 244cm
  • Weight 1500kgs

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