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Sphinx on plinths

Sphinx on plinths

Following this legend the Sphinx became the symbol of the eternal question about the nature of Man and the significance of his existence. Now much sought after as a monumental garden feature, ideally these pieces are at their best displayed as a pair, as they would ordinarily be used as decorative features to entrance ways or garden steps.

These magnificent sphinxes are in the style of those used to adorn sarcophagi in the Imperial Roman Age, Circa II Century AD. In Greek Mythology it is said that the Sphinx lay outside Thebes and would ask a cryptic question of travellers passing by, devouring all who could not answer, until Oedipus solved the enigma and as a reward for destroying the Sphinx Oedipus was made King of Thebes.

Product codes:

  • DAMSP201

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  • Sphinx (pair): £1,475
  • Tall plinths for above (pair): £930


  • Height: 79cm
  • Width: 109cm
  • Depth: 32cm
  • Weight: 170kg


  • Height: 66cm
  • Width: 127cm
  • Weight: 175kg

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