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The Amazons of Antiquity

The Amazons of Antiquity

From the works of the scribes of ancient Greece, was revealed a moving story of the rise and fall of a nation of women.

Thus having tasted success in combat these women, we are told, acquired an unappeasable longing for the lust of revenge and ultimately for victory over their adversaries. They became legendary as warriors for their strength and ferociousness in battle.

Hercules and Theseus both fought Amazons. Alexander the Great is said to have lain with their queens.”…when the Greeks fought with the Amazons, these women…rose up against the crews and massacred them to a man…The Scyths could not tell what to make of them – the dress, the language, the nation itself…was a marvel.”Herodotus (The Histories IV)

All our range is made in our workshops in the South West of England, with each piece being made to exacting standards and individually hand finished with our unique antiquing process.

Colour options:

  • Hand Antiqued Somerset, Bath or Portland stone composition

Product code:

  • SFOAF301

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  • Height: 53cm
  • Width: 186cm
  • Depth: 6.6cm
  • Weight: 200kgs

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Telephone: 07595 760351